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Trötsch the first

Historic (for me) first successful crossing of the Schöckl-Trötsch route, 18.02.2017

Mountains old and new, and winter

In which I return to Styria and go to work on a couple of hills over the winter of 2016/2017

Ireland 2016, part 3

Welcomed by dogs, buffeted by wind, weak of leg, my trip concludes in south Co. Kilkenny.

Ireland 2016, part 2

A day pootling around Glenmalure and one from there to Kilkenny. Featuring foul weather.

Ireland 2016, part 1

In which an unfit 49-yo retraces bike rides of his distant youth, from Dublin southwards.

In the small ring – the N-Gear Jump Stop

A thing to stop the chain getting snarled up

Freewheels 1 (2017)

I discover that freewheels aren’t quite what they used to be, and install a tiny chainring

Easter 2017

A short pootle on Easter weekend

Trötsch #3, May

Trötsch #3, on 7 May.

Trötsch #2: Spring in the air

Trötsch #2, 26.03.2017

From Desperate Valley to the River Vile

Crossing by bike from the Gams to Übelbach

Trötsch #4: in between downpours

Trötsch #4. First Sweat Pledge completed.

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