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“You spend more time taking that bike apart than riding it” – Mother

Some Alves bike links

Some traces of Alves bikes I found in various places online.

A budget/minimal set of lights

A “decent-enough” setup for riding an hour or two into the dark.

Bagman Flyer shortarse hack

I find a way to raise a Bagman by about 1 cm.

Flyer to B17 to Flyer conversion

The Brooks Flyer (with springs) and B17 (without springs) have the same leather. So of course I couldn’t resist messing with them.

Freewheels 2: The IRD Cyclone

Are threaded freewheels still a viable thing?

SunTour XC 9000 hubs

They don’t make ’em like they used to: solid threaded axles, threaded freewheel, cartridge bearings.

Old Bike aka the Alves

Old Bike, which is about 2 years younger than New Old Bike

New Old Bike 5: a year in

Finally, the bike setup seems to be settling down. Fingers crossed! And I learned some things.

New Old Bike 4: the big DIY bike fit

In which stuff begins to make a bit more sense. To me anyway.

New Old Bike 2: building it (long post)

An awful lot of arsing around with little bits of metal. This is a long one, and it isn’t the half of it.

New Old Bike 3: a phase of somewhat disorganized experimentation

I ride the bike a bit, but fretfully, make some not very logical changes, and get increasingly frustrated.

Bottle cages for Sigg bottles

Trickier than you might think!

New Old Bike 1: the decision

In which I decide I need a new bike, and order an old frame

Checking rim sidewall thickness

A handy and cheap tool to keep track of whether your rims are about to turn murderous.

In the small ring – the N-Gear Jump Stop

A thing to stop the chain getting snarled up

Freewheels 1 (2017)

I discover that freewheels aren’t quite what they used to be, and install a tiny chainring


New Old Bike needs the kind of work that can only be done on a good solid workbench.

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