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Eleanor & Liam’s South American Thing

Big hat tip and thanks 🙂

Return of Trötsch

Happy places :-))

Haslacha uwracha

Down and up the Mur, but with a small new bit tagged on.

Some Alves bike links

Some traces of Alves bikes I found in various places online.

Dieses Dhalrezept

Das Wärmende vom Fest nach dem Oratorium.

Kajsa and Bumble go kayaking

In which Kajsa and Bumble, who has discovered relatively late in life that kayaking is What She Really Likes Best, go kayaking …

Farewell to Twitter, 2: Escaping the Dudeliness

Thank you, women of Twitter!


Trying to remember how remembrance used to be

Fintan O’Toole: We Don’t Know Ourselves

A rather excellent book about Ireland

A budget/minimal set of lights

A “decent-enough” setup for riding an hour or two into the dark.

Little daily things

incidental tiny things


A very provisional list.

Farewell to Twitter, 1

If you’ll let me have you in my daydreams, I’ll let you have me in yours, as Bob Dylan didn’t quite say

Bagman Flyer shortarse hack

I find a way to raise a Bagman by about 1 cm.

Flyer to B17 to Flyer conversion

The Brooks Flyer (with springs) and B17 (without springs) have the same leather. So of course I couldn’t resist messing with them.

Erika Stucky

A Swiss and American artist, an exceptional vocalist and musician, who, for me, gets close to the bone.

What kind of retrogrouch am I?

TL;DR some guff about things that might be better left unexplained

Freewheels 2: The IRD Cyclone

Are threaded freewheels still a viable thing?

SunTour XC 9000 hubs

They don’t make ’em like they used to: solid threaded axles, threaded freewheel, cartridge bearings.

Old Bike aka the Alves

Old Bike, which is about 2 years younger than New Old Bike

Trötsch #5: Tu peux bien imaginer Sisyphe heureux

July 2017. Trötsch route, sheltering from a thunderstorm at Martinelli’s. Getting in just before another.

Trötsch the first

Historic (for me) first successful crossing of the Schöckl-Trötsch route, 18.02.2017

New Old Bike 5: a year in

Finally, the bike setup seems to be settling down. Fingers crossed! And I learned some things.

New Old Bike 4: the big DIY bike fit

In which stuff begins to make a bit more sense. To me anyway.

New Old Bike 2: building it (long post)

An awful lot of arsing around with little bits of metal. This is a long one, and it isn’t the half of it.

New Old Bike 3: a phase of somewhat disorganized experimentation

I ride the bike a bit, but fretfully, make some not very logical changes, and get increasingly frustrated.

Bottle cages for Sigg bottles

Trickier than you might think!

New Old Bike 1: the decision

In which I decide I need a new bike, and order an old frame

Mountains old and new, and winter

In which I return to Styria and go to work on a couple of hills over the winter of 2016/2017

Ireland 2016, part 3

Welcomed by dogs, buffeted by wind, weak of leg, my trip concludes in south Co. Kilkenny.

Ireland 2016, part 2

A day pootling around Glenmalure and one from there to Kilkenny. Featuring foul weather.

Ireland 2016, part 1

In which an unfit 49-yo retraces bike rides of his distant youth, from Dublin southwards.

Checking rim sidewall thickness

A handy and cheap tool to keep track of whether your rims are about to turn murderous.

Sweeney and Sisyphus

A little mythology

In the small ring – the N-Gear Jump Stop

A thing to stop the chain getting snarled up

Freewheels 1 (2017)

I discover that freewheels aren’t quite what they used to be, and install a tiny chainring


New Old Bike needs the kind of work that can only be done on a good solid workbench.

To the border

A ride down the Mur towards Slovenia

Easter 2017

A short pootle on Easter weekend

Trötsch #3, May

Trötsch #3, on 7 May.

Trötsch #2: Spring in the air

Trötsch #2, 26.03.2017

From Desperate Valley to the River Vile

Crossing by bike from the Gams to Ãœbelbach

Trötsch #4: in between downpours

Trötsch #4. First Sweat Pledge completed.

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